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Service and Organizational Ministries

Knights of Columbus 3 & 4 Degree Council, Randy Mullen, 924-2739                             
Men’s Club (MIQ $100 Dinner), Keith Fagundes,  583-9252,
Scout  Troops, Rick Durr,  924-2562, Ext. 108

M.I.Q. School

School Principal, Roxie Martin, 924-3424,

Parents’ Club President, Justin Vallin, 904-4340

Grief Ministry

“Blest are those who mourn for they shall be comforted” 
Grief is painful and a longing for compassion and understanding can some days be overwhelming. May our
sharing together bring peace and comfort to anyone who is in need. Participation is free and confidential. The Greif ministry meets again on Sunday, March 12, at 3pm in the St. Agnes Room. Contact Nancy Kairis at: 924-4845.

Catholic Scouting News

March 31–April 2: Diocese of Fresno Scout Family Camping Retreat, for all scouts of all ages and their
families. Location: Lindy's Landing, Reedley. Theme: St. Jogues and the Courage to be Catholic. Event
includes: Rosary, Mass, prayers, activities, patches, riverside camping. Summer 2017: High Sierra Backpacking Catholic Scout Adventure Retreat. Contact: or Fr. Greg Beaumont, Scout Chaplain 559-897-5953.

Prayer Quilt Ministry

Prayer Quilt Ministry volunteers will meet on Monday, March. 13, at 1:30pm in St. Agnes’ room. Please join us to tie the quilts together, while we say a rosary for the ill of our parish. For more info., call Diane at: (559) 707-4470.

Para-Liturgical and Devotional

Cursillo Representative, Antonio Garcia, 362-8815, None
Grief Ministry, Nancy Kairis, 718-7191,
Grupo de Oracion, Arturo Valdez, 817-8877, None     
Holy Family Prayer Group, Saundra Payne, 924-2833, None
Holy Family 184 YLI, Shirley Fagundes, 584-6126, None
Hora Apostolica, Lupe & Eva Sanchez, 924-8734, None
Legion of Mary Group, Soledad Bennett                 
Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Elizabeth Valdez, 381-4828,
Mothers’ Bible Group, Julie Polder, 1-916-274-5653                 
Thursday Bible Group, Isabel Espinoza, 925-9686, None
Wednesday Prayer Group, Arlene Menezes, 924-9447, None
Padres Orantes, Elizabeth Vasquez,  410-1825, None
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Lucy Jones, 924-7401                              

Music Ministry

Director of Music, Dorie Talob, 924-2562 Ext. 109,

St. Peter's Children's Choir, Sheilagh Hughes-Luna, 681-3608, stpeterschildren's

Spanish Choir, Antonio Plascencia, 904-3500


Parish Pastor, Fr. Hector Lopez, 924-2562, Ext. 102,
Receptionist/Secretary, Cristian Barriga, 924-2562, Ext. 101,
Receptionist/Secretary, Lupe Reyna, 924-2562, Ext. 104,
Admin/Building Campaign Secretary, Phyllis Machado, 924-2562, Ext. 106,
Facility Use Coordinator, Phyllis Machado, 924-2562, Ext. 106,
Accounting / Bookkeeper, Ana Maciel,  924-2562, Ext. 105,
CCD Director, Pat Garrett, 924-2826, Ext. 209,
Youth Ministry Coordinator, Pat Norris, 947-3395,
Youth Ministry Director, Shawn Barboza, 772-7190,
Wedding Coordinator, Cristian Barriga, 924-2562, Ext. 101,
Bulletin Announcements, Cristian Barriga, 924-2562, Ext. 101,
Safe Environment Coordinator, Rick Durr , 924-2562, Ext. 108,

Liturgical Ministries

Altar Servers, Cary Clarke, 799-1406,               
Altar Servers (Spanish), Alma Cuevas, 904-3225, None
St. Peter’s Altar Society, Clara Stacy, 381-6394, None                     
Baptism (English), Chris & Melinda Raulino, 816-3431,
Baptism (English), Denise Periera, 410-0056,
Baptism (Spanish), Carmen Tafolla, 584-2920
EEM / Lectors English, Phyllis Machado, 924-2562 Ext. 106,
EEM / Lectors Spanish, Irma Chavez, 817-8186, None
Homebound E.M. , Phyllis Machado, 925-9266,
Homebound E.M. (Spanish), Lupe & Eva Sanchez, 924-8734, None
Hospital E.M. (English & Spanish), Carolyn Gonzales, 817-2152, None
Ushers – Saturday 5:00 pm , Johnny Paulo, 924-8064, None
Ushers – Sunday 8:00 am, Patty Norris, 947-3395,
Ushers – Sunday 10:00 a.m., Rick Machado, 924-4554,
Ushers – Sunday 12 Noon (Spanish), Fidel Tafolla, 925-9531, None